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Selling your house is an important life event. You should be assisted by a professional who is looking out for your best interest, not the iBuyer. OfferAI provides the platform to assist your agent (and you) in landing on the right price. Your agent will show you how many cash buyers are willing to purchase your house at that amount whenever you are ready to sell, as well as a side by side comparison of the iBuyer option or the MLS listing option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OfferAI?

OfferAI is an instant offer marketplace where sellers receive an instant offer on their house and cash buyers can step in to acquire it, all under the watchful eyes of real estate agents who represent both parties.

What sets OfferAI apart?

Agent representation! OfferAI provides the platform for agents to submit instant offer requests on behalf of their seller, which is then availed to the applicable cash buyer(s).

Do I need an agent to get my offer?

Yes. All offers are facilitated by real estate agents who have a fiduciary duty to look out for your best interest.

Is it more or less costly than going directly to a big iBuyer?

The cost should be virtually the same. Since OfferAI does not receive any proceeds from the sale, big iBuyers can participate in our platform too. And although investors need to turn a profit, their margin still leaves the net to seller well within the range of big iBuyers. The agents’ participation may affect the seller net proceeds, but the value of your agent’s participation is far greater than going it alone.

If my house is listed on the MLS, can I get an instant offer?

No. Your house must not have been listed on the MLS for at least one year. The cash buyers are not interested in MLS listed properties.

What if I want to list my home instead?

Your agent will present you with options and you both can choose the best route. If listing on the MLS is the better option for you, your agent can handle that for you as well. OfferAI will not be involved in that process.

How much does OfferAI charge for this platform?

$0. OfferAI is free to post properties and free to cash buyers to purchase them. OfferAI makes money from up-selling agents on additional services, not from transaction fees of any kind.

How quickly do I need to move out?

You can set the closing date for whenever you want, which is all handled by your agent.

When a cash buyer or big iBuyer takes the offer request, what then?

The buyer’s agent will communicate directly with your agent to submit a purchase and sale agreement to you. All of the actual negotiation and closing process is handled by traditional means, just as if it were an MLS sale, only much quicker.

This is all free?! How does OfferAI make money?

OfferAI does not charge sellers, agents or buyers to utilize our platform. Think of us like a Craiglist for off-market properties. We make money through premium benefits for agents, who either pay a subscription fee and/or other a la carte additional features and benefits.


My offer request was accepted and we closed fast. OfferAI was great to work with! I recommend them to any homeowner considering selling.


Finally agents can provide sellers with options that include the instant offer option. And my cash buyers can see deal alerts, instantly! 


Our agents can capitalize on their buyer contacts and listing agents can engage homeowners who wish to sell quickly, with the iBuyer option.



Donna Souris

This instant offer website is provided to my potential clients, in case they wish to sell quickly, at less than market value. Feel free to contact me for a free "Real Estate Community Market Report," aka, a Comparative Market Analysis. Serving Jacksonville and N St. Johns County. Short Bio Why I chose real estate for my career? ~In 2003, after I remarried, I was given the opportunity to select the job of my liking. Immediately, I knew what I was going to do. That, coupled with a lousy experience with a Realtor, I set out to be one of the best in the business. ~Presently, I live in Ponte Vedra, but I’ve lived all over Jacksonville and N St Johns County. I’ve been inside homes and studied every local market in the Greater Jacksonville area since 2004. What’s something people are surprised to learn about me? ~I spent my childhood loving sports; I was an all-star softball player. ~Before my real estate career, I worked as a Paralegal assisting judges and trial attorneys in downtown Jacksonville. Places I love to be? ~Family gatherings, Spa & Golf resorts, Beaches, and Yoga studios. “The most knowledgeable and hardworking realtor! She goes above and beyond to make the home buying & home selling experience easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Donna Souris!!” Catrina B. “Donna is an exceptional real estate professional, with a keen ability to draw information from individuals, thus providing superior results. Her guidance is priceless. She managed to help us sell two properties and find our dream home in our desired community & price range in just four months!” Chris V.