The Instant Offer iBuyer Network


Get an offer on your house…INSTANTLY.


Clone the offerAI iBuyer site for listing leads.


Get access to off-market properties.


Sellers will receive an offer on their house immediately…not tomorrow or the next day. The offerAI bot will make a genuine offer within 5-minutes in most cases. This is an all cash instant offer with no hidden fees. All closing costs are covered by the buyer!


offerAI empowers agents to become iBuyers through creating a unique URL to their very own offerAI page. If you are an agent who needs more listing leads or a brokerage looking to create more value in your brand, get started started today. It’s FREE!


Are you looking for a primary residence and have the cash for the right deal? Or are you a real estate investor who’s having trouble finding inventory?

There are actually two ways you can use offerAI:

  1. Create your unique offerAI URL and instantly become an iBuyer yourself. You will receive the contract deals generated through your page. You can promote it broadly or subscribe to one of our marketing campaigns and we will advertise your page for you.
  2. Establish yourself as a recipient the deal(s) in your area. Click here for a quote.
Why use an iBuyer?
  • iBuyers utilize technology to make ‘instant offers’ to homeowners.
  • The offers are in cash.
  • Avoid the hassle of multiple open houses, staging costs and closing nightmares.
  • Price and timing of sale are more solid.
What sets offerAI apart?
  • Offers are INSTANT…rather than in 24 – 72 hours.
  • Our bot makes the offer without a human.
  • Agents get listing leads from their own iBuyer site.
  • Individual buyers/investors partner with us to buy houses.
How does the process work?
  • The offerAI bot makes a genuine offer to the homeowner.
  • If the seller chooses to list on the MLS instead, they are connected with an agent.
  • If the seller accepts the offer, humans get involved to evaluate its feasibility.
  • We then connect with a buyer/investor and they take over the transaction.
  • If their evaluation goes well, the cash close happens in about 15 days from the offer date.
How often do iSellers accept instant offers from iBuyers?
Offers are often lower than a seller is willing to accept. Typically 9 out of 10 offers become listing leads.
How does offerAI make money?
  • When offerAI gets a property under contract as the purchaser, we then charge a fee to buyer/investors to take over the transaction.
  • Typically buyers pay us between $5,000 and $25,000 for each deal we give them.
  • Additionally, we charge buyers subscription fees to be the ‘go-to’ recipient of deals in their area.
How can agents participate?
  • Easily create your unique offerAI URL.
  • Send potential sellers to your offerAI page.
  • And/or purchase an advertising package and we’ll promote your page.
  • When sellers opt to list on the MLS instead, the listing lead goes to you. offerAI does not collect any referral fees for listing leads sourced through your offerAI page.
Why does offerAI help agents for free?
  • Although most sellers will opt to list on the MLS, some sellers will accept our offer. If a seller accepts an offer through your page, offerAI will get the deal.
  • We may call on you to evaluate deals with CMAs or BPOs.
  • As we identify agents/brokerages we like to work with, we will send more leads your way and expect referral fees when those leads are sourced from our master site or from investors’ pages.
How can buyers/investors participate?
  1. Easily create your unique offerAI URL for free.
  2. Send potential sellers to your offerAI page.
  3. And/or purchase an advertising package and we’ll promote your page.
  4. When sellers accept offers from your page, you get the deal.
  5. When sellers accept offers from agents’ pages, you can subscribe to receive those deals as well.
  6. When sellers from your offerAI page opt to list on the MLS instead, the listing lead goes to our designated agent in your area. If you are an agent and a buyer/investor, you can get a price quote for retaining both deals and listing leads from your offerAI page.