When we started out to build OfferAI, we didn’t set out to compete with any instant offer service in real estate. We started out working from our backgrounds, being the best version of what we can be, because we are completely different. We set out to be a bot driven, national real estate wholesaler that generates inventory leads for brokers and investors/buyers. There’s no one else in that space.

We decided very early on in this project that the key to success with OfferAI, was going to be the vision of the future. We don’t mean how the market will look. We mean anticipating where real estate technology will be in ten years and jump ahead to create that experience now with automation that has never been done before. Let’s start at the top of the list:

  1. No one has ever taught a bot to buy a house. That’s a first that we’re proud of.
  2. Using image comparisons to determine the condition of the house. Never been done before.
  3. Making an offer in real time is new.
  4. No one has ever bought and sold houses on a massive scale without actually paying for them.
  5. Gathering data on the interior of houses on a massive scale, all never been done before.

What’s it like to use OfferAI? Start by identifying the property to bring the bot to life. Confirm the property data and you can already tell something’s different. The backend begins sorting out a good offer amount. The bot asks which images compare most to the features of your house (The anticipation is building). The bot has a massive amount of new information on your house and you’ve only been at this for about two minutes. Click the green Terms & Conditions button and there it is…an offer in real time. Within five minutes, you’ve just received a genuine offer on your house and you still haven’t communicated with a human.

The latest technologies designed for speed and accuracy. What we have already produced with OfferAI is the most technologically advanced real estate experience…ever.

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