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This is some of your iBuyer competition and their status in the market:


Reportedly selling 50 houses per day. To date they have raised $645 million in equity and they have over a $2 billion valuation. Operating in 19 markets — and expanding into new markets.


Real estate platform Zillow changed up its business model and is now buying houses in 8 markets. Zillow says it is working with their “premier agents” to handle the listings.


OfferPad has a recent influx of capital, bringing their raise to $410 million in equity and debt. Currently in 11 markets. They had first partnered with Zillow, until Zillow started their own iBuyer.


Knock has now raised $400 million. They have a “trade-in model” with a presence in 10 markets. They claim they guarantee the seller’s house will sell or they will buy it.

Dear Agents and Brokerages,

If you are not paying attention to the iBuyer space, you should be, because they are changing real estate in the United States. The iBuyer model is quite lucrative and we can help you participate in it. And if you’re having a difficult time finding inventory, it will get even harder as iBuyers continue to expand their presences. If they’re not yet in your area, they may be soon.

Now you can become an iBuyer yourself! OfferAI empowers any agent or brokerage with a unique URL for our iBuyer site and avoid any compliance issues (See sample on the right). Your URL can be anything you like ( You’ll start receiving listing leads as homeowners landing on your URL request assistance from an agent.

IF YOU ARE IN TEXAS, WE CAN HELP YOU! Our buyer is paying 3% commission to the agent who’s site originates the sale. In other words, you can promote your iBuyer site and get all the listing leads AND when a seller accepts our instant offer, you get the 3% commission without any of the work involved in prepping, listing, showings, open houses, paperwork, etc. 

OfferAI uses a messenger bot to route potential sellers through an interaction that results in either a listing lead or a purchase lead. If the offer is too low, it could be a good listing lead for you. If the seller. The user then has an option to connect with an agent to sell on the MLS instead. That’s where you come in! You will receive all of the listing leads from your OfferAI page.

So feel free to promote your page as broadly as you can and watch the leads come in. 

All the best,

Jack Burns, Founder & CEO, OfferAI, Inc

PS. This is totally FREE for beta users.